At Teen Talk we provide a confidential service. Confidential means not telling anyone else what you have said. We always want to keep your contact with us confidential so that you can feel safe talking to us, knowing that what you say will stay between you and Teen Talk.

We would only need to say or do something if:

- You ask us to,
- We believe you or someone else is at risk of harm from yourself or someone else,
- You are being hurt by someone in a position of trust who has access to other children like a teacher or police officer.

We take confidentiality very seriously and breaking your confidentiality is something we will think very carefully about.

At Teen Talk we will:

- Discuss this with you wherever possible,
- Tell you when we need to contact someone else, unless this puts you at risk of harm,
- Continue to support you,
- Include you in the decision making wherever possible.