We are here to help 
you and your families with emotional wellbeing.

Teen Talk is a charity which strives to empower young people aged 11-25 years and families, by offering practical and emotional support to overcome challenges and help to change their lives for the better. 

Our vision is every young person is respected, included, resilient and able to overcome challenges in life. We believe that by working together we can create confidence in them to recognise their abilities and achieve their full potential. 

Our mission is to work alongside young people and families to build confidence and self-belief in their achievements to enable them to thrive in the future.

We are here to help you and your families with emotional wellbeing.

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What We Do

Early interventions

We provide early interventions that help to improve emotional wellbeing for young people and


We focus on supporting those who are starting to struggle in their day-to-day life by helping them to find the right

Empathetic listening

We provide an empathetic listening ear in a safe and relaxed space

Strengthen and inspire

We strengthen and inspire young people to be responsive to evolving needs, making it their choice and to help them find their own solutions to build a strong

Who We Help

Young People

Young People

We offer support to any young person 
aged 11-25 years 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your emotions or struggling to cope day to day, it sometimes help to speak to someone not connected to your situation. This is where we can HELP YOU …
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Family Support

Family Support

We don’t have to be working with your child to offer you support, and we provide a range of group and 1-1 sessions to families. 

We know it can be difficult starting the conversation but we promise to give you the time and space you need.
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Agencies & Schools

Agencies & Schools

We provide early interventions that help to improve emotional wellbeing for young people and families. 

We don’t have a fixed criteria and if we can’t help, we will help to find a service who can. Part of our work is to provide the time for young people and families to take a lead on what they
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