Welcome to Teen Talk Harwich


How do we work?

Teen Talk is "Young Person Centred". We do not give advice or tell someone what to do, but offer support, space and time for a young person to work through their own issues, at their own pace.
We feel that Young people are the experts in their lives and with support can effectively make changes for the better.


Our Continuing Aims


  • To empower young people to boost confidence and gain self esteem
  • To treat young people with respect
  • To continue to offer a comfortable place where young people feel safe
  • Support young people to help them feel secure and happy in their lives




Teen Talk will continue to ensure that we are trained and are able to accommodate the most relevant issues.
Young people will continue to be the focal point, being involved, and contributing to the development of Teen Talk.



Why are we Unique?


We can offer a unique service because:

  • No time restraints – Young people are offered the time needed to be able to develop the skills to move forward
  • Appointments – are not always necessary and they can access the service any weekday though our Drop-In
  • Self Referrals – Young people are able to self refer into Teen Talk when they need support, making it their choice






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